Featured OOOTeries: April

April 3, 2017

Each month we feature a diverse set of Toronto-based OOOTeries and showcase their tantalizing menus and vibrant spaces, as well as the generous perks they offer the city’s growing community of OOOTers. As OOOTers across North America know, OOOTing would not be possible without the OOOTeries who open their doors and spaces to remote workers and business travellers during off-peak hours. If you’re in the Toronto area and looking or a place to land (and work), check out the following OOOTeries, which we are excited to feature for April !


1.  Aviv Restaurant

328 Dupont St. Toronto


(Photo: Aviv / Courtesy of Aviv Website)


Operating a stone’s throw from Dupont Subway station for nearly four years, Aviv is situated in the heart of an exciting area of the city. Its proximity to the University of Toronto and George Brown College make it a go-to for students seeking good eats and study breaks. Also nearby is the breathtaking Casa Loma (if you have a hankering for a walk around one of Toronto’s most loved heritage sites). Aviv is proud to offer a welcoming atmosphere, inclusive to anyone and everyone: families, business owners, theatre-goers, students (and professors), tourists, and foodies frequent this charming spot - and we know why! The kitchen, under the watchful eye of Chef Gene, offers a truly heart-warming signature dish: pizza, which is hand-stretched to order (talk about handmade!). Priding itself on its “welcome home” atmosphere, OOOTers will enjoy a laid-back, fun environment with a diverse and healthy menu at the ready. As a special for April, OOOTers can enjoy free Wi-Fi, as well a generous 15% discount off of food purchase (pre-tax, not including daily specials or drinks). Be sure to swing by this month, particularly during 3-5pm or 8-10pm from Mondays to Saturdays!


Follow Aviv!

Website: www.avivrestaurant.ca

Facebook: www.facebook.com/avivrestaurant

Twitter: twitter.com/AvivRestaurant

Instagram: www.instagram.com/avivrestaurant/


2. Lobster Monster

3249 Yonge St, Toronto



(Courtesy of Lobster Monster / Facebook)


If you walk a few minutes north from Lawrence subway station, you’ll be happy you did: you’ll find yourself at the door of Monster Lobster, which for three years has been offering up lobster and other seafood specialties to the Toronto public (folks, they have a Lobster Mac’n Cheese hot dog that will blow your mind!). Students, families, and other city dwellers from different walks of life have enjoyed this unique and welcoming space. Self-described as a true Ma-and-Pa operation, Steve and Marianne Woo pride themselves on taking care of customers themselves, welcoming every visitor who comes through the door as a member of the family. The kitchen is run by a team of cooks who offer up many the tasty specialty: Make sure to try the Lobster Poutine (served with a very Canadian side of maple syrup). Or, if you are in need of some serious fuel to get through that heavy workload, go for one of the big-time dishes: the huge and nourishing Lobster Nachos Mountain, or the Monster Lobster Burger Tower: a handmade angus burger pattie adorned with cheese and grilled lobster, and topped off with a lobster spring roll and an onion ring! If you’re in the market for an intimate atmosphere with a Maritime charm, make your way to Lobster Monster! OOOTers should be be sure to take care of the April promotion: this spot will pay the 13% tax if you spend $25 before taxes (per person)!


Follow Lobster Monster!

Website: lobstermonster.ca/welcome.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lobster-Monster-367706310056585

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lobstermonster.ca

Twitter: twitter.com/lobstermon


3. Nirvana Restaurant Bar Lounge

434 College Street


(Nirvana / Courtesy of Google Images)


Nirvana: The name says it all. If you’re looking for a calm, quiet hangout with an inspired decor, free Wi-Fi, and *unlimited coffee*, Nirvana is your scene. Located at the bustling cross-section of College and Bathurst, customers from all over the map have been calling Nirvana their go-to local spot for nearly a decade. And it’s no surprise: the large space offers up many seats, and the menu is eclectic enough to fill whatever food need you fancy. The team of cooks offers pub grub to those in need, but also makes sure to cater to those desiring world flavours: in fact, the Pad Thai is their most beloved (and requested) dish! No matter what you order, Nirvana prides itself on using reasonably priced and quality ingredients in its dishes, a great way to satiate yourself or one of your clients. If you’re kicking around the downtown core and seeking out a relaxing space to work and dine (and enjoy half off of your meal on your first visit!), make sure to make Nirvana a part of your OOOTing experience. Did we mention they have unlimited coffee?


Come back next month when we feature more of North America’s OOOTeries. In the meantime, be sure to visit Aviv, Lobster Monster, and Nirvana and make the most of their April offers!


Follow Nirvana!

Website: nirvanaoncollege.com

Instagram: instagram.com/nirvanaoncollege

Facebook: nirvanaoncollege.com


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