Tips for Working Smart On the Road

March 16, 2017


If your life as a remote worker sees you constantly hopping from city to city, by subway, streetcar, train, plane or automobile, chances are your mind and body have been worn out by all of that get-up-and-go. Tackling your sizeable workload can be even more challenging when you factor in the energy-suck that is travel. But, even though you're a toiling, rolling stone with so many projects on the go, it is possible to stay organized, productive, prepared, and healthy in the process. Here are some tips for keeping your health and sanity for all of those exciting adventures as a working traveller!


1. List-en up and Time Out!: Make a list of all of your packing essentials well before your next adventure - you'll be glad you did! It's easy to forget essentials when we are commuting between meetings with clients, and haven't taken the time to sort out what it is that we really need for the day to go smoothly. You don't want to go on your journey feeling cluttered, dragging along bags or briefcases filled with mini disasters. You deserve to feel organized and prepared, and walk into your next work environment with confidence, so take the time to pack your things in an organized fashion while checking the items off the list - it's a satisfying, Zen-like practice! Give yourself the gift of this prep time.


2. Power Up!: Technology is a wonder  to behold, but sometimes the odds conspire against us and we face a dreaded techno-fail in the midst of a meeting-filled day. Instead of having to dish out your hard-earned cash on the road for a new phone or laptop charger, it's best practice to always pack an extra one just in case your go-to charger decides to quit on you in the throes of your workspace crawl. You might even want to bring along a mini USB phone charger for those moments when your phone is on its last battery legs: they are now made in keychain form for all the fashion-savvy commuters out there (for instance, check out this swanky  leather tassel power source offered up by Urban Outfitters).


3. Energize!: Your transportation needs fuel, but so do you! When we're on the go, we often sacrifice our health and diet by chowing down on junk from fast food joints because we didn't think ahead on the food front. While these junk jaunts satisfy us in the interim, they will make us feel sluggish and maybe even slightly guilty later on. You deserve to give yourself the time to pack yourself some healthy snacks that will be easy on your body and your wallet, that can live in your car or your bag for whenever you need a little pick-me-up. Pack little bags of raw nuts, trail mix, pumpkin seeds, jerky, or other little bites to grab at when your energy is waning. Even better: for your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, take a few minutes to see what healthy restaurant options are available along your route and at your destination - the OOOT app can certainly help you out there, too.


4. Know The Lay of the Land: They say it's about the journey, not the destination. But let's be honest: the destination is *kind of* important. Know where you're going, where you're staying (for those overnight gigs), and invest some time into researching the lay of Point B's land. If you're driving and are smart-phone-savvy, make sure to look up your destination on Google Maps and know the geography choreography before taking it out of park. Even better, have your Google map handy when you're actually burning rubber: Invest in a phone holder for the car so you can have a quick visual reference of your map without fumbling around with it while driving (your fellow road-users will thank you!).


5. Select a Soundtrack!: Being on the go isn't all about rushing from point A to point B, or staring into the void of your laptop screen for hours on end. Use your time on the subway, in the car, or in the airport lounge, to listen to a soundtrack or audio book that you have hand-picked. It doesn't have to be a playlist of your favourite 80s hair metal bands: it can be a soundtrack for professional development! Load up your  phone with audio books that will give you insight into particular industries, make you a better self-manager, or will give you more confidence in the workplace (like Sheryl Sandberg's celebrated book, Lean In). Just think: Every traffic jam you sit in on the 401 will become less of an annoyance, and more of an educational opportunity!


And, of course, load up your phone with the OOOT app and reserve a workspace in a matter of minutes. For anything from working solo to hosting a group of clients, once on the road, OOOT helps bring remote workers and friendly businesses together. If you haven't already, visit the App Store and download OOOT now. It will be key to helping you work smart on the road!


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