A Freelancer's Workspace Concierge

November 18, 2016

It’s no secret that freelancing comes with its own set of challenges. Contract negotiations, networking, finding workspace on the road, isolation – these top the list for many freelancers and remote workers. Luckily there’s a new app in town that aims to address all those issues and snag you a tasty spot to eat too! Introducing OOOT – the Out of Office Thinker.


OOOT is a new app available on iOS – it acts as a workspace concierge. The technology behind this app allows customers to reserve a remote location to work or study from with confirmation of reservations in under ten minutes. Think of it as a concierge service that not only books you a table at a restaurant but also guarantees you a work space! The greatest thing about this app is that anyone can travel anywhere, anytime, and find a location that they can work remotely without the challenge of finding seating. You can even invite your friends to an OOOT session with you!

If you’re looking to meet with a client and want to share a multimedia presentation with them along with a meal – now you can with guaranteed WiFi service. No longer are you scrambling for a connection – personal or technological. OOOT not only connects your devices – it also allows you to connect with others. OOOT will reserve you a table and also alert you when your reserved time is ending – that way you avoid the uncomfortable looks from your server!'

We’re thrilled to partner with Living Freelance and allow all of you to become OOOTers! Now you have the freedom to be location independent without sacrificing your productivity. It doesn't get much better than that. OOOTers have grabbed tables at locations like The County General, Farmacia Health Bar, Uncle Betty's (the homemade doughnuts are divine there!) and The Gull and Firkin to name a few - we'd love if you'd expand on that and let us know what the best tables to OOOT from are where you are! OOOT alone, OOOT with a friend – the choice is yours.

We just know you will be a trail blazers and brand ambassadors for us. Start ooting, invite your friends and let us know how it went via Twitter, Facebook or email us! Our app is available for download in the App store. You can find out more about our app, and how to stay connected with us on social media at http://www.oooter.com/.

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