Mom Bloggers – The Rise of a New Breed of Remote Workers

July 22, 2016



By now you’ve certainly heard of mom bloggers. They are an awesome phenomenon that has been slowly taking over the internet. There are mom bloggers for every subject parenting, cooking, crafting, giveaways and more. What started off as someone quietly tapping away at their laptop after the kids were in bed for the night has morphed into a multimillion dollar business. Mom Bloggers may be the ultimate remote worker they are becoming published authors, brand ambassadors and have cyber celebrity status. They have what most of us want – the flexibility to work from anywhere while getting paid. So how do mom bloggers juggle it all?


They are Organized.

Mom bloggers need to have their stuff together in order to juggle it all. That doesn’t mean their house is in pristine shape or they are cooking gourmet meals every night. For the remote worker it means they have a schedule and they stick to it. For the mom blogger who has kids in preschool it might mean she has penciled in three hours every morning dedicated to her business. It might also mean that there are schedules for chores, meals, carpooling and more so that the time that is needed for work doesn’t get interrupted. 

They are Knowledgeable.

These ladies need to be at the top of their game regarding the information they are providing you. You might have visions of them sitting at home in their pajamas and eating doughnuts while they work. The truth is very different. Most mom bloggers spend much of their time doing research. This is where the true remote nature of their business comes in. They are traveling to attend conferences, conduct reviews as brand ambassadors or to speak to their followers. Amid traveling they are still expected to maintain their web and social media presence while staying in contact with their sponsors and advertisers.

They are Resourceful.

Smart phones aren’t just for Facebooking for these moms. They know which apps to use and how to use them best. Their social media accounts are being updated through Buffer (which is a company comprised entirely of remote workers as well!) They jump on OOOT to find a table they can work from while grabbing a bite to eat after school drop offs or while on the road. They have apps for staying on top of the grocery list, the chores and the kid’s schedules. Connectivity for these moms isn’t just a convenience, it’s a business essential.

They are Focused.

Staying focused while working from home can be a mom  bloggers  biggest  struggle. They plan on writing a blog post but notice the stack of dishes in the sink, the dining room table with breakfast still on it and an overflowing laundry hamper. What was intended to be five minutes spent on tidying up is suddenly a day of work lost due to the distractions of home. These  remote  workers know that they need to turn the mom off and focus on the blogger part. That might mean a home office with a separate entrance or working out of office. You might find them in the local library, at a coffee shop or sitting at the next table over during lunch. Anywhere with WiFi coverage is an optimal office for a mom blogger, those that OOOT might find themselves at one place in the morning for breakfast and networking with other mom bloggers or local businesses over lunch.

Mom bloggers show that remote workers truly can have it all. They are combining the freedom and flexibility of working out of office with the reality of earning a living. Their ability to multitask and create a work life balance serves as a great example to remote workers across the globe. These ladies are revolutionizing the remote working landscape and creating names for themselves in the process. They are early adopters of technologies, trend setters and authorities in their field. No longer is soccer mom a title to be looked down upon, that soccer mom is now rubbing elbows with the local MLS team and getting paid to write about it! How do we get that job?

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